Our Services

Cooling Tower Water Management

One of our specialities is managing the desired water parameters with effective chemicals and additives.

RO Cleaning

With very effective chemicals and experts on the job, we do a 3 way RO Cleaning for any kind of RO system.

RO Water Management

We manage the system of industrial RO’s parameters and the system to fit various purposes.

Boiler Descaling

We manage water characteristics and the descaling process of the system with a dedicated team that is expert in boiler descaling.

Boiler Water Management

With experienced team members we are successfully maintaining Boiler water both feed and system water as per customers' requirement and need.

Spares for RO, DM, Softner

We are also supplying the best quality of filters, spares, media, pumps. digital meters etc for your filtration unit let it be any of RO, Softner, DM.


We, with our expert staff are there to serve you by taking all the care of the operational part to maintaining the system and providing you the output as per your requirement.


In this we include many services like changing the media in the filtration plant to installment of a new system or modification of any existing system. Projects or services that you can do with your resources but if you require an onsite expert supervision we are covering the same into this service basket.

AMC for Ro, Softner, DM

In this service we do physical visits and a ground check of any pre filtration or post filtration water plant. Let it be RO, Softner, DM or anything else, our experts are trained and experienced enough to guide you and to give you the best scenario of your existing system.